Our Fundraising Services

Ferguson Development Group offers the following services:

· Planning and Strategy Formulation

· Campaign Planning and Feasibility Study

· Campaign and Project Management

· Development Audits

· Strategic Development Plans

· External Market Analysis

· Leadership Development and Recruitment

· Materials Development


Planning and Strategy Formulation

Our planning services help organizations focus and reaffirm their mission and refine their strategies in the context of a successful resource development program.  These efforts result in the development of a set of logical action steps.


Campaign Planning and Feasibility Study

A Ferguson Development Group campaign planning study is comprised of detailed fact-finding and analysis followed by the presentation of a written report that provides the insight and guidance an organization needs to proceed to a successful campaign.


Campaign and Project Management

Campaign management is as essential as campaign planning, especially during the early effort to secure leadership and lead gifts.  FDG recognizes that campaigns are most often won or lost in the very early stages.  It is for this reason that we strive to position clients for decisive early victories that create momentum, enthusiasm, and that carry the effort through to goal. 

The quality of campaign services is directly related to the people assigned to the campaign and with FDG you know that its principal will be directly involved in all aspects of your campaign.  We provide senior professionals with excellent track records and equip them with the latest resources.  As a result, your campaign is run effectively and efficiently and completed in the shortest possible time frame.


Development Audits

Successful development programs are built on solid foundations, and a development audit examines the principles, policies, systems, and practices to make sure that a solid foundation exists.  Development Audits are often conducted prior to or in conjunction with a feasibility study in order to determine organizational readiness to manage a campaign.


Strategic Development Plan

An Fundraising Strategic Development Plan is a road map that outlines the steps that need to be taken to achieve a specific goal or outcome that in turn has a financial goal associated with its achievement.  At its most basic it involves developing a plan to identify, cultivate, and solicit both volunteer leaders and funding prospects so that sufficient numbers of both are attracted to a cause and the dollars needed to accomplish something are raised.  FDG has prepared numerous fund raising plans and looks forward to assisting your organization.


External Market Analysis

Very often organizations have several groups of constituents who support the mission and work of the organization.  However, to achieve a higher plateau or expand services often requires the involvement and support of a broad cross section of new supporters.  An External Market Analysis allows organizations to reach out to these leaders in a way that both informs and educates them about an organization’s work while at the same time securing valuable insight about what people know, how they feel, and their propensity to get involved.


Leadership Development and Recruitment

Assessment - Most organizations have the potential to achieve higher levels of resources by using existing resources more efficiently.  By establishing a leadership development effort Ferguson Development Group can help you to unlock that hidden potential by assessing the capacity, knowledge, involvement, interest and track record of your leadership and by improving your leadership development efforts.  

Leadership Development - The majority of organizations rely on volunteers from the business community to generate a substantial portion of their resources.  These leaders often find the responsibility of seeking funds alien and overwhelming.  Ferguson Development Group can provide a tailored orientation program and can develop realistic guidelines to help your leadership become more effective in resource development. 

Recruitment - For most organizations, the marketplace for funds is now fiercely competitive because of societal and economic changes.  Corporate CEO's, financiers, and affluent individuals—our traditional not-for-profit leaders—have less time available to give.  To thrive, organizations must be proactive in renewing themselves by attracting new leadership and support.  Ferguson Development Group can help by designing a program to develop and recruit leadership.


Materials Development

The Case for Support is the document that defines the rationale for seeking funds and why it is in the donor's interest to provide support.  The development of a Case that presents a strong and rational argument for providing support is an important factor in achieving fund raising success.  Ferguson Development Group will help your organization develop its Case for Support and a full range of fund raising support materials.

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